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Skrillex, Tyga &Kylie Jenner Throw a Wild Party

A few weeks in the past, Alexander Wang announced that Kylie Jenner would join the ranks of his Fall 2016 “Wang Squad,” which consists of Tyga (duh), Skrillex, Zoë Kravitz, Large Sean, Tinashe, A$AP Ferg, RL Grime, Metro Boomin, MØ, Vince Staples, Alice Metza, Yana Bovenistier, Alice Glass, Katie Moore, Curren Caples, Binx Walton, Black Atlass, Lexi Boling, Lucien Smith, Issa Lish, Hanne Gaby, and Anna Ewers. Yesterday the #WangSquad eventually materialized in the form of an Instagram promo video, which featured Kylie, Tyga, Skrillex, and Anna Ewers partying collectively at a glamorous mansion celebration.

Just like in Zoolander two, Skrillex offered the tunes. But this time, we believed the scenario. Observe under as Skrillex deejays the decadent celebration from the couch, although a entirely clothed Tyga gets into a bathtub (totally normal), and somehow scores a personal display from Kylie and Anna.

09/27/2016 18:41:33

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