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Kanye West Is The Worst Person In The Globe To Function For Says Family members Workers

We all know that Kanye is a total megalomaniac, but now we can confirm why some of his former employees are saying he the worst worst individual in the planet to operate for. ShowbizSpy not too long ago interviewed a former housekeeper of the Kardashians, and what they told us produced our jaws drop. Housekeeper: “Kanye would stroll about the house like he was the king of the planet, and everybody on personnel was always worried about producing a single single mistake that would drop our jobs. ShowbizSpy: “What about Kim?” Housekeeper: “Kim was very great, comprehending, and think it or not loved speaking with her staff members, and has a quite generous heart. Kanye on the other hand wished no chit chat at all, and is one particular of the most demanding evil males I have ever worked for.”

ShowbizSpy: “Can you give us some examples?” Housekeeper: “Let me see, there are so many… Anytime you are in his way doing housework, he would go off, saying stuff like “didn’t you see me coming? When you come to feel my presence, drop whatever it is you are carrying out and move out of my way, shit in truth stand and bow as I walk by you from now on. One more time, I was cleansing the bathroom off the dining space, I turned around while cleansing the toilet and noticed him looking at me with disappointment.

I asked him if there was something I could do for him and he replied, yeah… move the fu*k out of my way.

I then picked up my cleaning supplies and went to depart. Keep in thoughts there is like ten bathrooms in the house. I later on hear him yell out “for shit sakes” and came storming out of the bathroom, yelling at me about a pube on the floor subsequent to the toilet.

I informed him that I was in the middle of cleansing the toilet and he stated that was no excuse.

He is just a horrible particular person, I have no thought what a fantastic soul like Kim’s is carrying out with this kind of an evil man.” This is not the first an ex-worker has come forward about how individuals near to Kanye are handled, as he is recognized in the bodyguard industry as a comprehensive shit occupation.

Webpage 6 just lately had an interview with a formor police officer that tried to function for him, and yup, fairly much the same crap. So I guess the word of warning right here would be if you are offered a work to operate for the Kardashian/Kanye family members, you may possibly want to feel twice as the average length of employment is extremely quick term. Here is an audio clip of Kanye being a diva complaining backstage at SNL.
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