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Kanye West gives an amaizing interview to Ellen Degeneres

Kanye West gave an amazing interview to Ellen Degeneres in her television show.

It included an eight minutes speech exactly where he explained his suggestions. He talked about the style, the art, how to support people, Mark Zuckerberg and Kim Kardashian. West believes that folks could have a gorgeous daily life if they intend. He also thinks that he has specific expertise to increase society, and he will do it throgh the art, the music and the fashion.

West has synaesthesia, which is the capacity to see the sound and he will use it to boost the human race. Kanye West asked for a loan of $1 billion on Twitter, last year.

He thinks that Zuckerberg did not gave him the funds since he would have to have it ordered in Facebook and not Twitter.

West explained that he necessary the money to assist other folks. He thinks that if he had far more assets, he could support a lot more folks.

He has fantastic ideas to boost the human race in one particular hundred many years. He was educated by his mothers and fathers to have a excellent lifestyle, so that is what he desires to convey to other individuals. West also talked about his marriage with Kim Kardashian and his desire to have a lot more kids. Anyway, he is happy with their two kids. Kim can't have far more youngsters because it really is hazardous for her health and her doctor will not authorize it. The rapper thinks that funds serves to make folks content. Even so, the funds is almost everything for Kim. The couple couple has differents stage of see about income, but that does not prevent them from possessing a luxurious way of life, wich is exhibited on social media.

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