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Caitlyn Jenner considering ‘de-transitioning’‘in the following couple many years,’author claims

A Kardashian family members biographer claims Caitlyn Jenner is going through regret more than transitioning from male to female. Citing multiple sources shut to the star, Ian Halperin told The Wrap that Jenner is taking into consideration transitioning back to male “in the following couple years.” Nonetheless, the 66-year-old's rep denied the author's claims in an email to FOX411. Halperin explained even though undertaking analysis for his guide “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family members,” numerous sources indicated Jenner is unhappy. “One supply confirmed to me Caitlyn has created whispers of ‘sex change regret,’ hinting she may possibly go back to being Bruce Jenner,” Halperin informed the enjoyment website.
The biographer stated Jenner is allegedly interested in transitioning back for partnership causes. “She’s nevertheless into ladies and needs to meet the appropriate a single,” Halperin stated.

Jenner's rep advised FOX411 regarding Halperin's claims, "it is not accurate." The rep extra Halperin "is a moron."

The concept that Jenner has had apprehensions in excess of the daily life change is nothing new. Back when Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair, the former Olympian described a panic assault following the transition.

The Vanity Fair profile thorough: “During the very first full day of recuperation… She was undergoing some thing that had in no way took place just before in 65 many years of life: a panic attack… The panic assault lasted about 15 seconds, but a single thought continued to course through her thoughts: ‘What did I just do? What did I just do to myself?’” Halperin the transition has been “very hard” for the star. “She’s thrilled she has raised awareness about how transgender people have long been discriminated against but I consider there is a chance she’ll de-transition in the following couple many years,” the author stated. “I really do not believe it would surprise anyone in her inner circle. It has been a lot tougher than she anticipated. My heart goes out to her and I know her accurate pals will be there to help her on no matter what path she chooses.”

05/12/2016 17:48:01

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