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Bruce Jenner reps react to rumors that he may de-transition back to being a man right after feeling regret

Representatives for Bruce Jenner have denied reports that he ideas to transition back to being a male. The former Olympic, champion who now wears women’s garments and goes by the identify Caitlyn. refuted the accusations made by Ian Halperin, writer of the book “Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family members.” Halperin advised “The Wrap ” that he discovered from a longtime friend of Jenner’s that the de-transition could happen within the next couple of years as Jenner was getting transition regrets. “It hasn’t been simple for Caitlyn, it is been extremely hard,” Halperin mentioned the good friend advised him.

Going from Olympic champion and the definition of masculinity to a circus sideshow is tough? “She’s thrilled she has raised awareness about how transgender people have extended been discriminated towards but I think there is a opportunity she’ll de-transition in the up coming couple many years,” Halperin stated. “It has been a lot harder than she anticipated,” he mentioned. The writer stated Jenner has been considering the de-transition since he is nevertheless attracted to women. Donning a dress and makeup doesn’t alter the essence of who God designed you to be? “Not really worth commenting on this kind of an idiotic report,” a rep for the “I am Cait ” star advised the New York Everyday Information.

It is really worth noting that Kris Jenner, his ex-wife, and other individuals in the Jenner clan vehemently denied rumors he was turning into a female before he announced it too.

05/14/2016 14:43:25

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