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This Is What Occurs When Kylie Jenner Reads She's Pregnant On the internet

Kylie Jenner is not right here for your pregnancy rumors. So, no, to get it out of the way, Kylie Jenner isn't pregnant. But some tabloids on the internet apparently believed she was. In a deleted scene from Maintaining Up With the Kardashians.

Kylie addresses the rumors by asking her sisters, "Why is every person saying that I'm pregnant?" Kylie responds, "I will not know.

How do people know prior to me?" Kim chirps in and basically tells Kylie to get employed to it, including that the very same factor occurred to her a few weeks ago. Corey Gamble, seated across from the sisters, is extremely amused by it all, and shares a quiet chuckle with himself. His response quite nicely might be the highlight of the clip.

Just another day in the existence of the oversharing Tv family members.

06/07/2016 17:45:39

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