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This Is the Most Hilarious Reaction to Kanye West’s Popular Video Yet

Kanye West brought on very the hullaballoo when he premiered his new “Famous” video on Tidal Friday evening, even though not maybe as public of a single as he may well have hoped. with most of its stars staying tight-lipped on the situation. Though Taylor is reportedly none too pleased.

she’s however to make any kind of official statement, as is the situation with everyone sans Chris Brown, who took the video in rather hilarious stride. “In case there was any doubt… that is not President Bush,” the representative stated. “He [W] is in significantly better form!” As you could recall, the former President was incorporated in the video as a nod to the time Kanye West famously (pun meant) mentioned “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a dwell televised RedCross advantage for Hurricane Katrina. Though it is still unclear exactly which stars, if any, actually Were actual in the video, we now know we can at least cross George W. off the list. Who do you consider played their true likeness in “Famous”? Inform us above @BritandCo ! Nicole is a weekend editor for Brit + Co who loves bringing you all the latest buzz. When she's not busy typing away into the wee hrs, you can typically find her canoodling with her two cats, reading an autobiography, trying ("attempt" being the important word right here) to make some newfangled vegetarian dish she discovered on Pinterest or rocking out at a concert of some type (she's partial to the band Sushi Roll her boyfriend just so transpires to be the guitarist).

06/27/2016 13:40:24

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