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The Kylie impact!British product sales of pomegranates soar (and our obsession with the superfood is all thanks to Ms Jenner)

Kylie Jenner, 19, often posts about her favourite fruit on social media Sales rise by 69 per cent soon after actuality star talks about the seeds online Pomegranates are packed complete of antioxidants and could protect against cancers It's official: pomegranates are this year's need to-have fruit - and that's all simply because of actuality star Kylie Jenner. The 19-yr-outdated blonde beauty confesses she eats at least three packs of pomegranate seeds everyday, and routinely declares them to be 1 of her favourite food items. And it would seem we can not get enough of them both, as revenue of the fruit have rocketed this yr - especially anytime the blonde attractiveness posts about consuming the juicy red seeds on her social media channels. Earlier this yr, the girlfriend of rapper Tyga snapped a bowl complete of pomegranate seeds upcoming to a cup of tea with the hashtag: #allineed. In August, she filmed herself chilling at household in her pajamas watching the VMAs, and tucked into an complete packet of pomegranates. After she completed the box off, she filmed the empty packet and used the 'tasty' emoji.

More not long ago, she took a photograph of a packet of pomegranate seeds on her lap, which she sent to her millions of Snapchat followers. And a week in the past, she filmed what appeared to be a large free of charge delivery from pomegranate organization POM containing packets of seeds, pomegranate juice, and roses spelling out: POM.

The Lip Kit queen also snapped a photograph of the inside of her fridge which was stacked with packets of pomegranate seeds. She said on camera: 'Ok so this is the best point that has ever took place to me. Thank you so substantially POM.' When the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted these and other Snapchat stories on the net in August and September, the Co-op noticed income of the fruit rise by 69 per cent compared to the prior year. And this year has seen all round revenue of the fruit shoot up by 24 per cent at Co-op supermarkets, the retailer reported. But why is this Middle-Eastern fruit abruptly so popular with celebrities and the public alike?

Pomegranates are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, and it has been claimed that they could even be powerful towards heart disease, substantial blood strain, irritation and some cancers. They're also a good supply of fibre, as properly as containing nutritional vitamins.

C and E, and iron, in accordance to NHS Alternatives.

A 2013 examine found that consuming pomegranates could also strengthen bones, although dietitian Alison Hornby, from the British Dietetic Association, factors out that the examine was on mice rather than humans. Other claims that it can remedy chronic illnesses are also primarily based on inconclusive evidence, Ms Hornby explained. But she added that pomegranates are nevertheless a great way of creating confident you consume your five-a-day. 'Make positive to prevent brands with extra sugar,' she advises. 'You could also add pomegranate seeds to cold dishes and salads.

It truly is a nutritious and appetising way to improve the nutritional value of your meal.' Of the growing popularity of pomegranates, Jemima Killick, Co-op's exotic fruit buyer, said: 'It's no surprise that the pomegranate is expanding in popularity. 'The fruit is a great supply of fibre and includes vitamins A, C and E, iron and other crucial antioxidants.' She added: 'Endorsements from celebrities are of course helping to raise the profile of pomegranates. 'These influencers are also hopefully reaching a younger demographic and encouraging far more people to get their 5-a-day with fruits that have been previously ignored.'

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