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See Kanye end an asteroid, take a balloon trip and much more in this extraordinary coloring guide

There is not always a lot of competition for the title of “Greatest unauthorized Kanye West coloring book of all time”, but newly announced Colour Me Kanye would earn it even if there was.

A collaboration amongst author Noah Levenson and The Rap Yr Guide -illustrator Arturo Torres, Shade Me Kanye dreams up 64 wild pages featuring the rapper (and producer/designer/filmmaker/potential-President/demigod) in outrageous conditions.

For example, here’s Kanye on a comforting scorching air balloon journey with former President Barack Obama: Ever wonder what Kanye’s version of the Heart Of Darkness -meets-Vietnam masterpiece Apocalypse Now would be like? Much better than the original, according to Newsweek That’s only scratching the surface.

Get a look search at a lot more under and grab Shade Me Kanye April 11 by means of Lesser Gods.

03/13/2017 18:29:18

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