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Observe Joey Bada$$ Rap Kanye West's McDonald's Poem From Frank Ocean Zine

Kanye West 's poem about McDonalds that he wrote for Frank Ocean 's Boys Don't Cry zine is a quite exciting piece of literature on its personal, but it really comes alive when read through aloud.

Just request Joey Bada$$. who lent his vocal prowess to Scorching 97 to carry West's poem to life, rapping it a cappella for host Megan Ryte. View Joey Bada$$' Triumphant 'Devastated' Video "McDonald's guy / McDonald's guy / The French fries had a plan / The French fries had a plan / The salad bar and the ketchup manufactured a band / Cus the French Fries had a prepare / The French fries had a prepare / McDonald's guy / McDonald's," the poem stars, prior to revealing -- spoiler -- that the only Golden Arches menu item not jealous of the fries is "That smooth apple pie." Following the studying, Bada$$ praised the piece as "classic" and "Shakespearean."

08/23/2016 18:35:32

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