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Korean elegance blogger transforms herself into Kylie Jenner in amazing make-up transformation

A KOREAN attractiveness vlogger has stunned viewers right after posting a video displaying how she can transform herself into a doppelgänger for Kylie Jenner using just makeup. Hye-Min Park, a popular beauty blogger from South Korea, utilized a lot more than ten various merchandise to morph into the well-known reality babe.
Hye-Min Park used a lot more than 10 various goods to morph into the famous actuality babe At the commence of the clip, a bare-faced Hye-Min can be noticed applying a basis more than her face and eyelids. She then utilizes foundation and eye shadow to start off transforming her face – with 1 of most face-altering techniques coming when she adds thickly arched eyebrows. The YouTube star makes use of no less than six merchandise – including some brown eyeliner – to make her lips appear like Kylie’s The end result is a near-identical picture of Kylie herself Hye-Min then moves on to her eyes, expertly applying a blend of eyeliner, eye shadows and rows of fake lashes, to give herself a sultry gaze akin to Kylie’s. Finishing touches to the search come by means of contouring – assisting to give the impression that her encounter form resembles that of the Jenner sister – and lip-liner to emulate the star’s iconic signature pout. In total, the YouTuber utilizes no significantly less than six products – such as some brown eyeliner – to make her lips seem like the Maintaining Up With The Kardashians star. Finishing touches to the appear come by means of contouring – assisting to give the impression that her face form resembles Kylie’s She begins with lip liner, which she makes use of both the trace the outline of her lips and to fill them in. Hye-Min then cleverly layers liquid lipstick and pressed powder to copy Kylie’s trademark matte seem. The astounding clip has now been viewed more than 3 million times.

03/11/2017 17:35:44

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