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Kim Kardashian (The Chicken) Died Of Embarrassing Ailment, Bette Midler Says

Months after throwing shade at Kim Kardashian for posting her infamous nude selfie, Bette Midler struck a lower blow at the reality-Television star in an interview Wednesday evening. We're just not certain if it was intentional. "We have the Kardashian sisters, in fact, [who] are our chickens," the actress and singer told Men and women at the New York Restoration Project's Spring Picnic. She's talked about these chickens — which she raises in Upstate New York — on Twitter and in prior interviews, so she's not kidding about their names. She also told Men and women that one of these Kardashians met an unfortunate fate a few many years ago. "Kim died of a yeast infection. We had to get some various ones." Back in March, Midler poked fun at Kardashian for her nude selfie, tweeting. "If Kim would like us to see a part of her we've by no means observed, she's gonna have to swallow the camera." Is this chicken death anything Midler manufactured up just for the sake of a quip? Yeast infections, also referred to as thrush or vent gleet. are a common condition in fowl, although it's not normally fatal. We'll just have to get her word for it.

06/03/2016 14:01:56

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