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Kim Kardashian Needs You to Know That She Does not Wear Butt Pads

Kim Kardashian is clearing the air on rumors that she wears butt pads to give her a bit far more junk in the trunk. Soon after she was just lately photographed with what looked to be two circular disks on her well-known behind in the course of a household outing, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has taken to her app to explain precisely what absolutely everyone was seeing. “Another day, an additional crazy rumor!” Kardashian begins. “Apparently, I was caught sporting butt pads .” “Here’s what really happened: A couple many years ago, I wore a skirt in Miami that was absolutely sheer.

I had no idea it was SO see-via on my butt,” she writes. “I certainly in no way want that to occur again, so now I always dress in shapewear.” In accordance to her, the two circular outlines witnessed on her butt exactly where induced by the “sheer cutouts” from the capris she was wearing underneath her skirt that night. “So, the fact is: I really don't dress in butt pads!” Kardashian adds. “At this stage, I think absolutely everyone has noticed my butt naked and understands I really don't want them, LOL!” In 2011, Kardashian acquired an x-ray of her well-known booty to prove that her butt wasn’t fake. “Hey dolls. The Evidence is in the X-ray.

Kim’s ass is a hundred% true!!” Khloé Kardashian blogged at the time.

07/01/2016 17:39:16

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