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Kendall Jenner Responds to Stephanie Seymour Calling Her and Gigi Hadid "Bitches of the Second"

Final week, Vanity Fair asked OG mega-model Stephanie Seymour what she imagined about todays it-girls like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid being referred to as "supermodel." Seymour's response? “They are totally different than we have been,” she mentioned. “Supermodels are kind of the point of the previous. They deserve their own title. [Kendall and Gigi] are lovely ladies, and I help all of them, but they need their personal title.”

The one particular Seymour suggested: Njitches of the second! That would be a good title for them.” Hmmm.

Jenner continued, "There are other supermodels who give me suggestions and create up my confidence, sending me notes after a spread comes out, saying, "You're killing it." That's the classy way to behave and I fully intend on getting a good influence on anyone younger than me, my entire daily life." Now, we'd adore to know who these other supes are encouraging KendallŌlassy indeed. Consider yourself a Kardashian skilled?

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06/16/2016 13:43:50

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