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Kanye West: Why Kim Kardashian Convinced Him To Use Caitlyn Jenner In ‘Famous’Video

Kim’s mom could have been an intriguing choice, as she has endured her share of scandals in excess of the years, but in the long run Kim imagined Caitlyn would be better since of the affect she would have. “Kim encouraged Kanye to choose on making use of Caitlyn for largely shock worth ,” the insider continued. “Kim imagined possessing any other sisters up coming to her and Kanye would be gross.

Kim aided inspire and target a whole lot of Kanye’s tips for the video.” We have to agree with Kim on this a single.

Having Kylie. 18, or Khloe. 32, lying in the bed naked with the couple and other public figures could get a small awkward. So in this case, Caitlyn seemed to be the greatest pick, and she undoubtedly brought the controversial video to a new degree. You tell him Kim!

06/28/2016 13:40:48

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