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Kanye West “Saint Pablo Tour”Confirms Gossip Cop Bust

Kanye West announced his “Saint Pablo Tour” on Tuesday, confirming a latest Gossip Cop bust.

Less than three weeks in the past, RadarOnline announced in a headline, “On The Brink Of Divorce?

Kim Kardashian Forbids Husband Kanye West From Going On Tour.” In the accompanying “” (cough), the webloid claimed Kardashian “does not want” West “keeping up with his supporters,” and has “forbidden him from going on tour this year.” A so-called “family insider” was quoted as saying, “Though touring pays quite well, she would rather Kanye be with her than producing big bucks on the road.” The story went on to allege Kardashian feared West would cheat on her if he went on tour. And to back up its claims, the web site pointed out that West did not have several approaching concerts scheduled.

But, of program, RadarOnline was totally off base.

Not even a month soon after RadarOnline’s flat-out incorrect story, West unveiled his “Saint Pablo Tour,” which will kick off in late August, with North American dates scheduled by way of October. Gossip Cop is certain the webloid will twist this to spin however an additional divorce story, especially as soon as the demonstrates get underway. But we’ll still be right here to point out the lies.

06/14/2016 23:40:14

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