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Every person Is Freaking Out Above Kylie Jenner and Tyga Probably Getting Engaged

Followers are on their toes right after Kylie Jenner posted a photograph on Instagram, which may possibly possibly be characteristic an engagement ring.

In the picture, the 18-12 months-outdated actuality star is sporting a baggy, oversize white sweatshirt that drapes in excess of her left hand featuring a huge rock on her ring finger.

The photo is left caption-much less, so fans are left to their imagination on what the photograph represents. The day before, Kylie posted a photograph with hubby Tyga and captioned the photograph, “Mr. and Mrs.”

Is it a coincidence? “Kylie has brought up marriage with Tyga to her close friends recently, both jokingly and critically,” a supply told E! Information. “It wouldn’t take place now but she’s been pondering about it a lot more and desires a potential with him.” We haven’t received any word from Kylie or Tyga, but fans waisted no time filling up her Instagram comment section emoji wedding rings.

07/10/2016 13:39:39

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