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Dinner for Two!Rob Kardashian Shares Snap of Blac Chyna’s Bare Infant Bump

The dad-to-be shared a photo of Chyna eyeing an huge plate of food with a smile on her encounter and her little one bump on total show. “I feel each of my women are satisfied now,” Kardashian captioned the snap, referring to his fiancée and their little one girl. who is due in just 4 weeks. The 28-yr-old actuality star took to Snapchat to reveal that she had recently acquired weight — right after losing about seven lbs. last month — whilst pregnant with her second youngster, taking her total gain to over 50 lbs. However, her objective was much greater. “Like no lie, my objective is to achieve 100 lbs.

this pregnancy,” she admitted in a Snapchat video in June. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.” Kardashian, 29, is also ready to lose excess weight when the infant is born.

He put collectively a side-by-side of him and Chyna on Instagram, exhibiting a photo of Kardashian from a couple of years in the past, prior to his bodyweight acquire, and a photograph of Chyna from before her pregnancy. “Oh yeah we snapping back lol,” he wrote. “Baby will be here in four weeks and I’m carried out with carrying this pregnancy bodyweight. Me and my baby gonna be correct. Determination TIME! We virtually there Chy. F— Chy looks so bomb here aghhh!” Last month, a source informed Men and women Kardashian is “extremely bothered by his excess weight get.” “It’s not like he let himself acquire bodyweight since he does not care,” explained the insider. “He just hasn’t been capable to mentally motivate himself to do something about it. It’s like an evil circle — the far more he gains weight, the worse he feels mentally.” ‘Rob is a excellent guy,” added the source. “His struggles are incredibly unhappy. It looks they could be fixed with aid.”

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